People In the UK Are Still Buying Symbian Phones

By Sam Gibbs on at

New research has shown that Nokia’s Windows Phone strategy hasn’t totally backfired – it’s now selling more Lumias than Symbian-powered handsets. That’s great, but the real take away from this is that people are still buying Symbian handsets in the UK. You have to ask, why?

Symbian phones now account for 2.4 per cent of the UK phone market, down from a pretty sizable 12.4 per cent just a year ago. That’s great news as we’re finally getting rid of that ancient, out-dated OS. I get why people buy super-dumbphones, which technically have Symbian on them (think the Nokia 1110), but given that almost everyone seems to be buying smartphones these days, even 2.4 per cent of the UK phone market seems a lot.

Also, Windows Phone only accounts for 0.1 per cent more than Symbian at 2.5 per cent of the UK phone market. That’s pretty weak for the third smartphone player. Then again that’s a 0.5 per cent rise over last year, pretty much on the back of just one phone. So it’s a victory for Windows Phone, but a pretty lame one at that. [Bloomberg]

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