People Need Telling Not to Give Their Phone Numbers to Random Web Sites

By Gary Cutlack on at

PhonepayPlus, the UK body tasked with regulating the often shady world of premium text messaging, has warned of the dangers of putting your mobile number into web sites that promise you amazing free prizes and money. Some people need telling these things?

Highlighting what it calls "typosquatting" where domain names a bit like popular sites are registered to capture the trade of people typing in a hurry, the regulator says visitors are then fooled by lookalike sites that promise great wealth and happiness in return for entering your mobile phone number.

But all that happens is great wealth and happiness for those who run the sites, who can then collect premium rate SMS fees of up to £4.50 a time by sending expensive messages to the numbers of registrants.

So, just in case mummy and daddy haven't already drilled it into you, don't put your mobile phone number into the internet. Or men will take your money off you in increments of £4.50. [BBC]

Image credit: Text message from Shutterstock