Property Prices to ROCKET Around BT's First Fibre-Only Village

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rightmove is about to experience a massive surge in search queries looking for cheap one-bed flats in the Oxfordshire village of Deddington, which is set to become BT's first fibre-only test exchange.

The pilot scheme will see all Victorian copper removed from the telecoms systems in the village, which will see top download speeds of 300Mbps arriving for some users when infrastructure work is completed by 2013. Which is more than enough time to complete on a new house in the area.

Meanwhile, BT also has possible future good news for those who are out of range of even the crappiest of broadband connections, courtesy of a "white-space" trial it's operating on the Scottish island of Bute.

Residents on the island, who currently suffer miserable internet speeds provided by a patchwork of satellite operators, are now luxuriating in steady downloads of between 4Mbps and 8Mbps thanks to the trial, which uses the spare frequencies vacated by the analogue TV services to deliver steady broadband through a TV aerial. [BT and the Telegraph]

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