Prove You're the Ultimate Harry Potter Fan With This Back-Breaking £200 31-Disc Box Set

By Sam Gibbs on at

There are Potter fans, and then there are Potter fanatics. If you happen to be the latter then you might be interested to know that there’s a colossal 31-disc box set up for pre-order that looks like something out of a Victorian-era period drama.

For five-quid shy of £200, the beastly-looking fold-out chest stores everything you need for the ultimate Harry Potter experience – all eight movies charting the magic trio’s journey through puberty on both Blu-ray and DVD; 37 hours of previously released special features, and a whole five further hours of previously unreleased special footage. If that wasn’t enough to satisfy your Potter-craving, there’s also a load of collectables in the box, including concept art, a map and a spot of “memorabilia”.

Because we live in the 21st century, the Wizard's Collection also comes with UltraViolet copies for you to download or stream on to device of your (or DRM’s) choosing, so you should have almost all bases covered with one £200 hit.

It’s not out till September, but if you’re a Potter fan who means business, then you can plonk down your £195 pre-order right now. I have no idea where you’d store this thing though; it looks huge. Maybe it could form the centrepiece of your new Potter shrine or something. [Amazon via Total Film]