Qualcomm's Attempt at a Viral Ad Backfires Badly

By Sam Gibbs on at

In an attempt to show off the video and battery performance of a Snapdragon equipped-phone, Qualcomm sent one around the world to snap some footage from each of nine cities, totalling to two minutes of video on just one charge. Two minutes of video on one charge? Wow, really pushing the battery life envelope there Qualcomm.

As the video clearly states that everything was done on a single charge, YouTube commenters were quick to point out that the phone was actually turned off between cities in a storm of removed comments. While it's obvious the video was cut from a lot more original footage, considering the end product only contains two minutes of video to show for it all, complete with a visible battery meter, that’s not exactly demonstrating stellar battery life now is it?

"..The phone shot several of takes in each location, and was shut down while traveling..." ok.. then? 2:04 minutes of battery? still better battery life than the iphone


"Cool you were able to film for about 2 minuets without the phone battery running out..."

It’s a cute video, even mildly amusing at times, but surely someone should have thought about this before painting it up as “The Power of One Charge”? I reckon even a four-year-old HTC G1 could probably manage two minutes of video on a single charge. [YouTube via TechEye]