Radioplayer Does What TV Couldn't Manage

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Radioplayer platform, which is the system used by the BBC and many other commercial radio stations to handle their online broadcast streams, is set to launch a series of own-brand apps this summer.

Arriving on iOS, Android and even the still quite mysterious YouView set-top box system, Radioplayer's tools will check a user's location, before offering a selection of local radio stations for your listening pleasure.

Some 315 stations currently use Radioplayer's not-for-profit service in the UK, so while it won't offer anything like the same number of channels as the numerous internet radio apps already out there, it will be boosted by discovery features, like the ability to scan your music library and Facebook feeds for tracks and suggest stations accordingly.

It'll work on both W-Fi and 3G, hopefully offering a better interface than the BBC iPlayer's app's absolutely clueless implementation of radio support. [Telegraph]