Rozzers Race to Save a Choking Dog After It Amazingly Calls 999 On Its Own

By Sam Gibbs on at

Who said dogs aren’t as intelligent as cats? Can a cat call 999 when it’s choking to death? I didn’t think so. But then again a cat probably wouldn’t have wound up strangling itself half to death with a telephone cord in the first place.

Apparently George the Basset Hound had managed to knock the old corded-phone off the table, and in the process, somehow found himself garrotted by the cord. Using his human-like panicking skills, he mashed at the phone with his paw until he incredibly managed to dial 999, at which point emergency operators heard his gasping and heavy breathing.

Figuring it was someone collapsed with a heart attack, the emergency services were dispatched pronto. Police went rushing through the door searching the house for the unfortunate victim. Having been let in by a neighbour with the key, it wasn’t until said neighbour, Paul Walker, trundled in behind the rozzers that poor George was found choking to death by the phone. Thankfully Walker got there just in time, tearing the phone apart to free the frightened, gasping dog.

So there you have it; I bet you’ve never seen a cat manage to strangle itself and call 999 at the same time. Now that’s what I call multitasking. [The Sun]

Image credit: Dog from Shutterstock