Rumour Round-Up: Samsung Galaxy S III Processor, Power and Wireless Charging?

By Gary Cutlack on at

An awful lot of speculation has been flying about the place regarding Samsung's plans for its Galaxy S III Android model, which we're all gagging to see and upgrade to without even thinking about the cost implications. But what's it going to be like?

The latest news to emerge covers the phone's processor, which is now believed to be an in-house Samsung model. Sources quoted by the Korea Times claim Samsung has a quad-core configuration Exynos processor ready to stick in the Galaxy S III, which would see Samsung keeping up with HTC's One series when it comes to headline spec sheet power boasts.

However, a separate leak of Samsung's processor plans claim a dual-core Exynos running at 2GHz with a quad-core GPU alongside it is also on the cards, should Samsung decide it doesn't need that quad-core power and accompanying price hike right now.

One other consistent rumour covers the phone's case, which is strongly rumoured to be built using ceramic materials. The image above, which randomly appeared in a Reddit thread and is the most believable Galaxy S III pic we've yet seen, would appear to corroborate the ceramic claims, while the image on the supposed S III's display seems to suggest a May 22nd launch event for the phone.

Meanwhile, new gossip today suggests Samsung could be lining up an inductive charging system for the Galaxy S III, which would see the phone's battery taking on a charge without wires. Presumably it'd have to ship with some sort of charging pad or base station in order for that to work. Or ask you to buy one separately.

And as soon as anything Galaxy S III related is available for buying, that's exactly what we'll be doing. [The Verge]