Samsung China's Boss: The Galaxy S III Could Launch In April

By Sam Gibbs on at

Another day, another early Samsung Galaxy S III release rumour. This time it comes from non-other than the head of Samsung China. Kim Young-Ha has been quoted by multiple sources out of Korea as saying that the launch of the company’s new flagship could be moved up from May to April, with the UK likely first on the list.

Considering Samsung’s already rejected an April launch, this either indicates that the different branches of Samsung don’t talk to each other (highly likely), or that the company still hasn’t finalised when it’s actually going to roll out the new phone.

This is the first time we’ve heard rumours from a named Samsung executive though, so perhaps we should put more weight behind this one. I hope Samsung does step-up the Galaxy S III launch -- we’ve been waiting long enough for it now -- but I’m not going to hold my breath. We’re already two-thirds through March so regardless of whether it lands in April or May, we don’t have all that long to bite our nails and wait. It better be an absolute beast of a phone after all this flip-flopping. [Money Today via The Verge]