Samsung's Come-Out Fighting Armed With a Stylus After Apple's Low Blow Last Night

By Sam Gibbs on at

While blabbing about how great the iPad is, Apple hit-out at Samsung and Android over app scaling. It wasn’t pretty, and just a tad below the belt to pick on an app that isn’t tablet-optimised from Twitter of all places, but it seems Apple’s not playing fair anymore (did it ever?). Samsung’s not taking this playground rubbishing lying down though, and has retaliated in proper schoolboy fashion armed with a Galaxy Note 10.1-shield and an S Pen-forged sword.

Samsung’s sent out a rather bitchy comparison table that essentially boils down to the fact that it’s got a stylus and Apple hasn’t. Sammy’s pushing the new Note’s drawing capabilities hard, and it’s apparently lighter, thinner and has a microSD card slot to boot -- take that Apple. It has USB host too, but what Samsung fails to point out is it doesn’t have a price or a release date yet; just a minor point.

Apple and Samsung sure have a complicated relationship. On the one hand, Samsung's chips litter Apple products, while on the other they’re duking it out in the courts and via adverts. It’s getting pretty ugly to be honest. I think the only way we’re going to sort this mess out is via a to-the-death cage match – now that I’d pay to see, who's with me? [SlashGear]

Image credit: Kids from Shutterstock