"See Less of These Boring People and Their Endless Baby Photos?"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Facebook has finally admitted that we don't really have much of an interest in the lives of the vast majority of our Facebook friends, and is adding a newer, easier way to dump masses of people out of your timeline without triggering the social nightmare of actually deleting them from your profile.

In a move that Facebook pitches as letting you "See Posts That Matter to You," the social giant has updated its filtering option that lets users "See less" in the way of posts from selected users. Those so-called friends selected by the new tool end up being shifted out to the "Acquaintances" area in bulk, where they can rabbit away to themselves unnoticed in their modern digital purgatory.

Meanwhile, if you're wondering why you have so many Facebook friends yet feel so empty and alone and like OH GOD WHY DO I BOTHER? about life in general, the answer may well be because you're a "socially disruptive narcissist" who uses Facebook as a simple boasting platform rather than a sweet way of staying in touch with people.

Research from the Western Illinois University has found that the more Facebook friends a person has the more likely they are to display signs of a narcissistic personality, acting in a more aggressive manner, changing their photos more frequently and spamming the network with more status updates than most.

Which is a short cut straight to the Acquaintances list. [Facebook]