Simon Pegg's Never Looked Better Than In Mk. II of the Awesome Shaun of the Dead Lego Set

By Sam Gibbs on at

The best ever British movie-inspired Lego set has just been revved to version two and it’s even better than ever. Behold the Shaun of the Dead’sThe Winchester” complete with Shaun and friends; cricket bats; shovels; a jukebox; a pool table; a dart board; a whole bunch of zombies, and even Shaun’s crappy flowers. Plus now it’s even got a detailed modular upstairs – this Lego set simply must get made.

Jump on over to the Lego Cuusoo page to pledge your support and get Lego to actually produce this masterful set. Now you’ll excuse me while I go watch the movie – I feel a craving for smashing zombies over the head with a cricket bat coming on. To the Winchester! [Lego Cuusoo]