Sitting On Your Arse All Day Is Killing You, But Frequent Cups of Tea Might Save Your Life

By Sam Gibbs on at

This might not come as a surprise to many, but apparently sitting on your arse all day is seriously boosting your chances of kicking the bucket early. It’s not just because it’s making you fat either; sitting and not moving all day also screws up the normal operation of your body according to researchers, but tea might be the answer.

A new study of over 220,000 people aged 45 a more over four years showed that if you sit for around 11 hours a day your chance of dying in the next three years is increased by a whole 40 per cent. In fact, for those 9-to-5 desk-jockeys among us, sitting for just eight hours a day bumped your early-death risk up by 15 per cent.

Now, these results revolve around those over 45, but there’s no reason yet to think that it won’t affect those under 45 years of age too – so you might want to rethink your working day. In fact the researchers found that just getting up and walking about a bit more during your day will be enough to reduce your risk of an early death.

Perhaps it’s time we all sank back into the British stereotype by making frequent trips to the kitchen for a spot of tea – it could help save your life, as well as kit you out with a refreshing brew. [Archives of Internal Medicine via The Register]

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