Sky Has "No Plans" to Bring F1 Coverage to Android

By Gary Cutlack on at

Oh dear, and it was all going to well for Sky. After ignoring Android in favour of iOS devices for ages, we've recently seen the broadcaster bring most of its apps to Android. But the fancy new interactive F1 coverage will remain an iPad exclusive.

Sky's dedicated Sky Sports iPad app is scheduled to be updated next week, with the upgrade bringing in live and interactive coverage of the F1 races to coincide with the start of the 2012 racing season -- and Sky's first shot at televising some of the races.

But the tablet app won't be hitting Android. Sky's David Gibbs, the Director of Digital Media for Sky Sports, said: “At the moment we do not have plans for an Android version of this service. This is focussing on the tablet market at the moment, and we see the majority of usage coming via iPads so we need to make sure we are delivering the best experience possible for as many of our customers as we can. As such we have chosen to launch on the iPad."

There is some small hope for next season, though, should Android tablets gain a little more traction, with Gibbs adding: "If Android tablets reach significant scale for us then we would look to it but at the moment this will be an iPad only service.” [T3]