Skype on Windows Phone Rendered Useless Thanks to... Windows Phone

By Gary Cutlack on at

The recently announced and very long-awaited Skype app for Windows Phone has one rather huge flaw -- it can't run in the background.

This isn't a problem because the code's in beta and not finished yet, either. Skype says it's due to limitations within the way Windows Phone works, so there's nothing that can be done to change the app's behaviour. And given that Skype's owned by Microsoft, there's no chance of a sneaky workaround, either.

You could argue that an app primarily based around video chat, meaning you'll have to be staring at it in order to use it, isn't particularly limited by the flaw, but it does mean you can't receive incoming calls when the app's not front and centre.

Which is a bit like having to be sat next to your home land line and holding down a big lever in order to let someone call you. [The Verge]

Skype has been in touch to clarify the issue, claiming it's more to do with "a combination of how Skype works and how the Windows Phone OS works" and that  future releases should fix the issue. Here's Skype's correction:

This is not a Windows Phone platform limitation.  This is the combination of how Skype works and how the Windows Phone OS works.  To be more specific - Push notifications in the Windows OS work as designed. However, Skype needs to change a few fundamental things on our end to make it work with the Win Phone OS push notifications.  This issue will be fixed in a future release (not April) but timing is still tbd.