Snow Globes Set Fire to a Couch by Magnifying the Sun's Rays

By Kyle Wagner on at

We've all melted our share of ants with magnifying glasses, but did you know that you could also use a snowglobe for the same effect? And that if you leave a few globes unattended on your windowsill, that they could burn your freaking house down? Well, now you do.

That almost happened to an American man's house this weekend. He'd put the snow globes on his windowsill for Christmas and forgotten about them. As the angle of the sun changed over a few months, it eventually got to a position where the rays were shooting through the globes with enough intensity to set a couch on fire. This is what the couch looked like even though it was covered in a flame-retardant material.

Thankfully, neighbors called the emergency number in time to save the house. Because no self-respecting claims adjuster is going to believe your house was burned down by a damn snow globe. [ABC]