Some Really Awesome Uses of Facebook Timeline

By Kat Hannaford on at

During this weekend's Facebook sesh, you may notice that any brands you've "liked" over there are suddenly using Timeline. That's because Zuckerberg's forced any non-personal page to spend hours beautifying it, or in the following brands' cases, actual days and weeks adding all manner of glorious history to their timelines. Some, like Arsenal Football Club; DJ Shadow and Cadbury's, have gone above and beyond. Here are the best:

DJ Shadow

The man behind DJ Shadow, Mr Joshua Paul Davis (or rather, his poor PR flunky who was tasked with this mammoth social media exercise), has added every single musical release to his timeline. This could prove costly for fans who thought they owned every single rare EP... [DJ Shadow]

Manchester United

I'm hardly the world's expert on football (or even my bank of desk's expert), but what Manchester has done here is pretty savvy. Scroll back in time to 1878, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that all Man U's ever done is won a tonne of shiny cups and trophies. [Manchester United]

Wired UK

Our good pals over at Wired UK have undertaken the laborious task of adding pretty much every notable tech launch / scientific breakthrough to their timeline, dating back to 1900. Also, we like their spiffy cover photo, too. [Wired UK]


If your idea of fashion is a pair of sweatpants and yesterday's mustard-stained tee, you may not be so interested in seeing photos of Robert Mitchum in the classic film noir flick Out of the Past wearing a Burberry trench coat, or seeing how Humphrey Bogart styled his in Casablanca. But we dig their research, not to mention understanding of who they're aiming their page at. Damn fashionistas. [Burberry]

Cadbury UK

I'm loathe to chuck Cadbury a "like," simply because the last thing my gym trainer would "like" is for me to be reminded of the existence of chocolate every day. But skim back in time to the 1800s, and you can see the dates famous Cadbury chocolates launched (who knew the Crunchie has been around since 1929?), not to mention deliciously retro packaging designs. (Take a look at the original Milk Tray design from 1915!) [Cadbury UK]

Sony UK

Sony told me that every week, they're choosing one of their fans' photos as their cover photo (aspiring photogs, take note!), but more interestingly, if you tell them your Very Important Sony Milestones, they'll add it to their timeline. So when Joe Bloggs bought his first Walkman in 1979, it can be added to their timeline for that extra boasting cred'. [Sony UK]

Adidas Originals

However you pronounce Adidas, we've likely all owned at least one pair over our lifetimes. Man, I have such good memories of my old-school shell-toed Adidas! Try and spot them on Adidas' timeline, which also includes watches and apparel. I'll give you a hint: the '70s and '80s were a particularly splendid period for the brand. [Adidas Originals]

Red Bull

The drink brand's carved a real reputation for itself as am ambassador for all things foolish brave in the outdoors, and while their timeline only goes back to the '80s, it's fascinating stuff digging around and seeing daredevils risking their lives in the name of fun and fame. [Red Bull]

NY Times

The New York Times is one of the few newspapers whose noise resonates world-wide. Glancing at their Timeline pages (which date back to the 1800s) is like stepping back into the glory days, when stars like Marilyn Monroe would show up on the newsfloor, and printers did everything by hand. [NY Times]

Ben & Jerry's

I will warn you now: don't look at Ben & Jerry's Facebook page. Not unless you want to turn green with envy at all the amazing flavours (sorry, "flavors") our Yankee friends have been stocking in their freezers since 1979. And you thought Phish Food was exotic... [Ben & Jerry's]

The Olympic Games

With 2.6m "likes," the team behind the Olympics knew they'd have to pull something special out of the bag in time for Facebook's big Timeline push. You can easily waste a good few minutes here, hopping around between the various games, learning who won what, and pissing yourself at the comedy ice-dancing costumes of the '80s. My only complaint is THERE ARE FAR TOO MANY CAPITAL LETTERS. [The Olympic Games]


It could prove very expensive as you while away the hours perusing all the various models in Jaguar's history. My knowledge of cars could fit on a hubcap, but 1961 looked like a mint year for the car brand. [Jaguar]


Settle the Arsenal vs Man U argument by sizing up how well they've populated their Facebook Timelines with boastful victories. Of course, you could always argue the winning team should spend more time on the pitch and less time on Facebook, but... [Arsenal]

...And after all of that, if you'd like to chuck your favourite site Giz UK a "like" as well, please do! Even better, if you have any interesting ideas of how we can use our Facebook Timeline, that's one less thing for me to worry about...

Special thanks to Mike Litman who suggested a lot of the above.