Sonic 4: Episode 2 Will Let You Seamlessly Switch Playing Between Your Windows Phone and Your Xbox

By Sam Gibbs on at

Microsoft showed-off the ability to use Xbox Live to take your gaming from Windows Phone back onto your Xbox way back in 2010, but we’ve yet to actually see a game come out that supports it. It looks we might finally see it though with the incoming Sonic 4: Episode 2, according to Sega.

It’s, perhaps, the holy grail of portable gaming. Play a bit on the bus, pause it and pick up where you left off when you get back to your console. Services like Netflix offer it for video, just not games. Sega’s Ken Balough let slip that that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do in Sonic 4: Episode 2 when its released later this year (skip to 4:20).

I really hope more arcade-style games follow suit like this. I also wish Sony would get its arse in gear and implement something like this between its PlayStation-enabled phones and the PS3, or even just between the PS Vita and the PS3 for that matter. Still, I quite liked Sonic 4: Episode 1 when I played it on my iPhone, even though a load of others didn’t, so I’m hopeful the next instalment will be worth picking up too. [OXM via WPCentral]