T-Mobile Jacks Up Its Contract Prices and There's No Escape

By Sam Gibbs on at

Following in the footsteps of its Everything Everywhere partner, we shouldn’t be surprised to find T-Mobile’s jacking up its prices too, and again, you can’t get out of your contract because of it either.

From the May 9th you’ll have to fork out 3.7 per cent more on your monthly bill, which equates to £1.30 on a £35 per month charge for instance. Those on You Fix, SIMO Fixed and The Full Monty tariffs have luckily escaped the increase, but for the rest of you there’s just no escape. I imagine it’s not exactly bank breaking for most, but it’s bound to irk people that the network can do this and not give you a choice about it.

Still, it’s marginally less of an increase than your Orange brothers faced, so T-Mobile is still the cheaper of the two EE networks. You’ll be getting a rather antiquated letter in the post if you’re effected by the price hike, but you can jump over to T-Mobile’s price rise site to find out more right now. [T-Mobile via This is Money]

Image credit: Man in despair from Shutterstock