TalkTalk Still Grinds Your Gears the Most

By Sam Gibbs on at

Despite trying to lure you back with 80Mbps broadband on-the-cheap, TalkTalk is still the worst ISP in the UK for complaints according to Ofcom. In fact it’s breaking records for simply being so crap.

That’s over a year as the worst ISP in Blighty, with five-straight quarters on the turd-heap. Apparently most of the complaints have been driven by billing and customer service issues, so if, god-forbid, you’re stuck with TalkTalk, watch your bill like a hawk each month.

Still, TalkTalk is trying; it’s racked-up less than half the complaints since last year, but that's still miles more than anyone else – 0.78 complaints per 1,000 landline customers and 0.61 per 1,000 broadband customers. Considering you have to be pretty cheesed-off to be bothered to contact Ofcom at all, I’d dread to think how crap TalkTalk’s service really is. [Ofcom]

Image credit: Rage from Shutterstock