TalkTalk's Trying to Lure You Back With Cheapish 80Mbps Superfast Fibre Broadband

By Sam Gibbs on at

Following BT’s lead, TalkTalk is rolling out 80Mbps fibre broadband for just £15 extra. That’s £15 on top of line rental, and your existing broadband subscription mind you, so it works out at a minimum of around £31, but promises impressive 20Mbps upload speeds to boot.

The speed bump takes TalkTalk’s fastest package to 80Mbps from 40Mbps, and will roll out from early April. If it’s anything as fast and reliable as BT Infinity has been from my own personal experience, it should be pretty good. Not 120Mbps good, but plenty fast nonetheless. Then again it is from TalkTalk, the nation’s most complained about ISP.

Let’s hope this marks the rise of 80Mbps+ broadband from a load of providers – it’d be good to get some more superfast broadband competition across Britain. We need our fixed connections to get faster quick-smart, or 4G's going to make them look like poxy dial-up. [TalkTalk]

Image credit: Fibre from Shutterstock