That Awesome Microsoft Courier Folding-Tablet Concept Has Been Reborn as an iPad App

By Sam Gibbs on at

Remember that awesome Courier folding tablet concept from the father of the Xbox that Microsoft killed in favour of Windows 8? It’s finally available (kind of) in iPad app form, which lets you go split-screen on your Apple tablet for some proper multitasking.

For £2, Taposé allows you to do a bit of productivity multitasking by running two app types side-by-side. Of course you’re not running two separate apps here, it’s all just the same program providing different windows like a browser and note pad. But it’s the closest you’re going to get to running two apps simultaneously an iOS device; Apple's basically decided one app per screen is the way to go.

It’s all connected up with the cloud including Dropbox and Evernote so you’ll be able to get stuff out of the app pretty easily once you’ve actually created something worthwhile. There are a load of mapping and note taking features too, kitted out with formatting and multimedia editing and creation tools, which turns the iPad into more of a general-purpose productivity tool – this might be the iPad bloggers new best friend.

After several Apple-related false starts, rejections, revisions and appeals, the app is finally available for £1.99, but check out the app demo above to see it in action. [Taposé via 9to5Mac]