The 24-Hour Cupcake ATM Is Coming to the UK For All Your Midnight Sugar-Binge Needs

By Sam Gibbs on at

Cupcakes are the food of gods; delicious, perfectly formed, and ideal for a spot of lunch, coffee or sugar-binge snacking. But how can you get your fresh cupcakes at 1AM in the morning after a night out? How about a 24-hour fresh cupcake ATM?

Sprinkles, the hit American cupcake maker, is hunting for the perfect London location for a bakery, complete with cupcake ATM attached. You might have thought that cupcakes out of an automated machine could be a bit stale and therefore like any other you could buy in the supermarket. Sprinkles apparently powers the bakery through day and night to replenish its stocks, so your cupcakes are never more than two-hours old.

600 of the tasty morsels sit in a rack behind the hole-in-the-wall, ready for a robotic arm to cherry-pick one and place it in the outlet ready for you to feast on. I don’t know about you, but I quite like the idea of buying fresh cupcakes out of a machine without human interaction; just press a button, insert your money and out pops your snack of choice. Apparently I’m not alone in this desire, Americans have been queuing-up 50-deep to buy one from the Sprinkles cupcake ATM in Beverly Hills. Let’s hope we’re a tad more sensible than that. I know we love queuing, but no more than 10-deep; that'd just be undignified. We're not fatties from the US after all. [The Guardian]