The Australians Are About to Launch Their £149 10-Inch Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Assault on the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

Talking exclusively to Giz UK, Ruslan Kogan told us that his new 10-inch Ice Cream Sandwich tablet is set to hit the UK for just £149 in under 40 days. Apparently it should take the British budget tablet market by storm while we're still waiting for the Kindle Fire.

Details are a bit few and far between for now, but we know that it’ll be an upgraded version of Kogan’s previous 10-inch Android budget tablet (shown above), and it’ll be “fine for web browsing and a bit of email” – so don’t expect anything blazingly fast, but it should give anything under £200 a run for its money as Kogan's not interested in going after the iPad:

"No-one can match the first generation iPad for quality, let alone the new iPad, so we're not trying to compete with them."

Kogan also told us that he’s scrapping the 7- and 8-inch versions of his own-brand tablet, because 10-inches is where it’s at. I know some people really love the 7-inch tablet form-factor, but I agree with him here. You’re generally going to be using a tablet at home or at least indoors, so portability isn’t such an issue so why go smaller? If you’re looking for a cheap tablet that you can let your kids handle without fear of £400 going down the toilet, you might want to hold off for just over a month.