The Easiest Way to Share Dropbox Folders Is with Your Facebook Friends

By Casey Chan on at

If you use Dropbox and Facebook, which is probably most of you, you can now easily share your Dropbox folders with your Facebook friends. Combining two frequently used things together either makes life easier or continues to prove that we're all just living in Facebook's world.

To be honest, at this point the integration isn't that big of a deal. It's a simple way to link your Dropbox with your Facebook friends (as opposed to sending it through e-mail). In fact, it's probably easier to share your folders through Facebook as you might not know the email addresses your friends use for Dropbox.

If you think about it, Dropbox could act as another, more private layer to Facebook. Files in Dropbox can be shared between you and whoever you choose, with no one else poking their head in your business. [Dropbox via VentureBeat]