The Fancy New Sky Sports iPad App With F1 "Race Control" Looks Like the Ultimate Formula One Experience-Enhancer

By Sam Gibbs on at

We heard Sky was working on an awesome-sounding F1-coverage companion app for the iPad. Well as it turns out, it wasn’t a new separate app, but rather a whole section of a redesigned Sky Sports App with “Race Control”. Frankly, it still sounds bloody awesome.

During F1 broadcasts, Sky subscribers will get access to a load of live streams from things like the on-board car cameras and the pit lane, as well as multi-angle footage from the main broadcast (remember when DVDs were meant to give you that kind of thing?). You’ll effectively be able to do your own TV controller-style mixing, giving you just what you want. If you’re a Jenson Button fan for instance, you could simply ride along with him for the entire race, while watching the main broadcast on your goggle box. There’s also a live highlights module that’ll offer editorial you’ll only be able to get through the app.

Video isn’t all you’ll get with the app either, you’ll also be treated to more stats and data than you can shake a stick at, plus a race scheduler and a twitter feed for a bit of social fan-based commentary.

I’ve played around with F1 companion apps before, but this sounds like a whole cut above the rest. While the app is free to download, and free to Sky Sports subscribers, there’s also an option to pay a £4.99 per month subscription. Unfortunately that only gives you access to Sky Sports News, so those looking at getting Sky’s F1 on-the-cheap through your iPad will be sorely disappointed – honestly, I’m not sure why anyone would ever subscribe as a non-Sky customer like that.

If you’re a Sky subscriber and you have an iPad, download it now from the App Store in preparation for Sunday. If you don’t have an iPad, this might be enough to just push you over the edge. There’s a new one conveniently launching tomorrow, though good luck getting one. [iTunes]