The First Pathetic iPad Line Goons Appear

By Sam Biddle on at

The New iPad will arrive in stores on Friday. But hey, look at these idiots! They're ready, folding chairs and loneliness all packed, four days before launch. To camp out. For the opportunity to buy a thing. Days in advance.

SlashGear spotted these two line-sitting dudes in London, where I hear there are no restaurants, bars, museums, theatres, or any other worthwhile place for a human to sit. So why not camp out, night after night, for the "chance" to buy an iPad before some other people in London? Imagine their pride when they walk out of the store with a product millions of people around the world will soon also own. But they'll be first. At least in London.

Our only hope is they'll use that new retina display and upgraded front camera to get a pristine look at themselves and think My god, I slept outside for almost a week wearing a Battlefield 3 hoodie just so I could buy an iPad. What have I become? [SlashGear]

Photos by SlashGear. Post edited since publication.