The HTC One X Will Land In Britain on the 5th of April

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looking to get your mitts on HTC’s latest and greatest? You haven’t got long to wait. We should see the One X on the mean streets of the UK on the 5th of April, according to O2.

The network tweeted that it’ll be in stock on the 5th of April, while Phones 4u has thrown up a pre-order page for you to plunk down your cash to grab the One X, or its smaller brother the One S, on O2, Vodafone and Orange.

I’m not sure my hands would comfortably stretch to the 4.7-inch One X beast, but the cracking 4.3-inch One S looks almost as good. Let’s just hope they don’t cost the Earth, which knowing HTC, they won’t. [Twitter, Phones 4u via SoMobile]