The Instagram for Android Signup Page Is Live

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Android users: are you tired of your iPhone toting friends using Instagram as their go-to "You don't have this app on Android so nany-nany poo-poo" argument? I know you are. Well, you're one step closer to finally shutting them (the fuck) up about it.

If you head on over to you'll be greeted with a signup page that teases "Want to be first in line for Instagram on Android?" and has a "Notify Me" box next to where you enter your email address. We wouldn't say that it means it's coming any day now, because as we know, Instagram like to take their time and get things right, but you're definitely one step closer to posting pictures of every friggin' thing you eat, like all of your other hipster friends. [Instagram via The Next Web]