Watch as a Lego Space Shuttle Launches Into Orbit Carrying On Where NASA Left-Off

By Sam Gibbs on at

NASA might have killed-off the Space Shuttle, but that hasn’t stopped one dedicated Romanian shuttle fanatic from continuing on the journey. The pioneering spacecraft is still flying, just on the miniature scale and made of plastic -- Lego to be precise.

Sadly it’s not rocket powered, that would be just a bit too much to ask of our favourite toy, but a helium balloon does the job to launch the model 3367 into low orbit just as well. Like every good DIY-space exploration, the shuttle touched the edge of space at 35,000m above the Earth, only to come down to a smooth and safe parachuted landing.

We’ve seen all sorts of things launched into space by home-grown space enthusiasts – stuffed budgies; Action Man; fake cats, and even urns full of the remains of space lovers – but launching a Lego Shuttle to carry on where NASA left-off is just pure genius. Long live the Shuttle, even if it’s just in plastic. [YouTube via The Register]