The Master Chief Is Back and Blasting Other Spartans In Halo 4's New First-Look Trailer

By Sam Gibbs on at

343 Industries has been showing off its envisioning of the Halo franchise, the fourth “proper” instalment, Halo 4. While the story-driven campaign is still a primary focus, apparently the multiplayer has gotten a lot more attention than any other Halo game, and it looks great from the in-game footage. It might even be enough to get me to buy a Xbox 360 again.

This time around the multiplayer has a story of sorts, and the levels themselves are of bespoke design to cater for the intense action of Spartan-on-Spartan combat, rather than just being lifted from the campaign. All the graphics, textures and sounds have also apparently been upped, with some totally redesigned, which may anger some fans, but please others.

Of course 343 is going to be gushing about its own game, but checking out the in-game multiplayer footage interspersed throughout the gabble, it seems as if Halo 4 really will be a step-up. We’re going to have to wait till the autumn to get our hands on it, but by the looks of it, the Master Chief is back with a bang, and packing serious heat. [Kotaku]