The New iPad Has Arrived In the UK, But Where Can You Still Get One? (Updated)

By Sam Gibbs on at

If you’re not already in a queue for the new iPad, chances are you’re not going to get one from Apple today. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your mitts on one today, or at the very least sooner than 2-3 weeks, but you’re going to have to do some searching around. Here are the best places to look.

PC World apparently has stock all over the country in-store and online, so it’s worth giving you local store a ring. Some opened at 7AM this morning, but the vast majority will be business as usual and there's even a click-and-collect option available. Last year I managed to pick up an iPad 2 on launch day on my way back home from work at one of the smaller PC World stores local to me, so you might be lucky.

John Lewis also seems like a solid bet, in fact you even get a free two-year warranty with every iPad from the department store. Its website currently lists some models in stock, with click-and-collect in your local John Lewis or Waitrose store available. If you want to be guaranteed of getting one today before you set off from the comfort of your sofa, John Lewis or PC World are probably you’re best bets.

Carphone Warehouse also has the new iPad, but unfortunately doesn’t update stock information on its website. There’s a phone number to ring for central enquiries, but you might be better off just ringing around your local stores.

A couple of the network operators have recently announced their on-network subsidised pricing, so if you’re after an iPad with 3G (no, it’s not 4G in Blighty, even if Apple says it is), then it’s worth shopping around. Vodafone apparently has new iPads in stock too, so if you’re desperate Voda might be a good bet, especially if you're lucky and it has stock in-store.

All the places mentioned had stock at the time of writing, but if you want one today I suggest you get your arse in gear and go get one now. If you see any more places with stock, give your fellow Giz UK readers a boost and let us know in the comments.

Update: Thanks to the eagle-eyed tone_uk, we know Argos is currently showing stock of certain models for both home delivery and in-store. Tesco also has stock online at least, but may also have stock in select stores.

Three is also showing stock, so there's another option if you're after a 3G version.