The Official Remote For Your Xbox 360 Is Your Perfect-Tool-For-Sofa-Locked-Netflix-Sessions Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Today’s top bargain is an essential for those of you who have forked out for an Xbox 360 only to realise that the modern games are far too fast and complicated and make your eyes sting. What to do with the confusing console?

Well, you can use it for the playing of media, you silly thing. There’s live Sky TV, streaming fun from the likes of Netflix and Lovefilm, the obligatory YouTube or you can even use your console as a DVD player -- amazing scenes! The whole kerfuffle is even easier to deal with you if you’re tooled up with the official Microsoft Xbox 360 media remote -- currently only £6.99. Say goodbye to Call of Duty and hello to videos of dogs doing backflips.


Today's Bonus Dealz:
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- Nokia Lumia 710 (PAYG) – just £150.
- A WHSmith £15 gift card for £10 on purchase of small item(s).
- HTC Evo 3D (SIM-free) – only £219.
- Batman: Arkham City for PS3 and Xbox – only £19.95.
- HP 32GB USB flash drives – yours for £16.99 (or £16.14 with code).
- Crucial CT128M4SSD2 128GB M4 SSD – now £119.99 delivered.
- Saints Row: The Third (Xbox 360) – only £19.95 delivered.

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