The Olympic Cash-Cow-Milking Continues: Airbnb Gobbles Up the UK's Crashpadder and Wants a Slice of Your Place

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Olympics is seen as the biggest cash cow in history; all those tourists pilling into London with more money than sense (did you see how much those tickets were?). The notorious online home-renter Airbnb seriously wants a slice of that pie and is spending some major dough to make it happen, snapping up its UK competitor Crashpadder.

Those listing their less-than-prized homes on Crashpadder will have the chance to migrate over to Airbnb, complete with a £30,000 host guarantee, free 24-hour support and professional photography to show of your pad.

Considering rooms typically go for between £35 and £175 per night depending on the quality of the room right now in London, for the Olympics prices are likely to rocket. If you’re brave enough to take the risk and shove your home up for rent over the Olympics, you could make some serious money. Then again your place could get totally destroyed and then you’d be sorry, eh? [GigaOM]

Image credit: For rent from Shutterstock