The Raspberry Pi Sparks a Hilarious Custom Bog-Roll Case For Charity Sale

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Raspberry Pi really has captured the imagination of the geek community at large. From being sold out in minutes, to various projects already in the works, and even a 3D-printable case -- everyone wants a slice of Pi. Now if you don’t happen to have a 3D-printer to hand, a couple of entrepreneuring eBayers have come up with a two comical DIY cases you can buy for charity.

While the simple cardboard case is good, I particularly like the Hackney WACKO case. It's multi-functional; has great ventilation to keep your Pi cool; decent impact protection (along certain axises anyway), and is fully recyclable when you're done fiddling with Linux. It's currently up for £10 with all proceeds going to Great Ormond Street Hospital, so you can grab yourself a bargain and do your good deed for the day in one shot. [eBay 1, 2]

Thanks Martin!