The Smaller and Quieter Sequel To the Tread Watch Is Still a Visual Treat

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The three main complaints about Devon Works' original Tread watch were that is was gigantic, it was noisy, and it was expensive. So the company addressed all three of those issues with their recently unveiled Tread 2 available later this year.

Not only is the Tread 2 considerably smaller than the original—relatively speaking—but the company has also removed the constantly moving seconds belt, which led to the watch being always noisy as the numbers were continuously advanced.

However, as is obvious in this Hodinkee video of the watch in motion, it's still fascinating to stare at. Who needs a smartphone full of apps and games with this strapped to your wrist? And unlike the Tread 1 which sold for £10,000, the Tread 2 could sell for as little as £3,000. At that price, why not buy one for each wrist? [Hodinkee]