These Awesome, Proper, Full Prometheus Trailers Leave My Heart Pounding

By Sam Gibbs on at

We were tantalised with a faked TED talk from 2023 showing off Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland last month, but these two brand new, exhilarating trailers truly show Prometheus could be epically good on a Bladerunner-mixed-with-Gladiator scale.

From the awesome looking ship, to the hair-raising Alien-style frights, Prometheus is shaping up nicely to be the sci-fi flick of a year, hell, maybe even the decade. Just make sure you watch both the international and US trailers in fullscreen HD with the sound cranked all the way up. Once you’ve calmed down a bit, check out the equivalent of an Apple advert from the film’s universe below. Man, this is going to be awesome. Please let this be Alien-awesome. [YouTube via TotalFilm]

Here's the UK-specific trailer:

And the Prometheus advert: