These Sample Shots and Videos From the Canon 5D Mark III Show Its Darkness-Slaying Calibre

By Sam Gibbs on at

Canon’s released a load of sample photos and video from its brand-spanking-new £3,000 5D Mark III. The shots attempt to show off the DSLR’s low grain, high ISO support, as well as its multipurpose landscape-portrait abilities and its impressive video capabilities.

Unfortunately we can’t tell quite how good the video produced by the 5D Mk III really is from the sample videos Canon’s released as they’re not full sized, raw 1080p. But the web-sized videos certainly look impressive to my untrained eye and are well worth a watch.

Canon’s releasing more shots as we speak, so after you've checked out the gallery above jump on over to the Canon sample website to check out the goods and make your own judgement on the quality of Canon’s new darkness-slaying video comper. [Canon via SlashGear]