This Awesome Steampunk Portal Gun Makes Me Crave For a 19th Century Portal Game

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've seen what the portal gun looks like in pixel-perfect replicas, but what would happen if you dumped it back in time? This gorgeous steampunk version, built out of the odds and ends of old dead things, is about as close as you'll get to finding out.

It took over two months to put together and rolls in antique clocks; a teapot stand; some mechano; various tubs and pots; three light bulbs, and some Warhammer paint. Check out Deviantart member batman-n-bananas full list for an idea of what you'll need if you fancy replicating this beauty. It looks like Back to the Future III and Portal collided in a fusion of cosplay greatness. [Deviantart via Kotaku]