This Is What the iPad 3 Will Look Like If Leaked Parts Are Real

By Sam Gibbs on at

Chinese gadget site, MIC Gadget, has got its hands on some leaked front and rear plates, plus other bits and pieces, of the supposed iPad 3 and put them together. Unsurprisingly, the franken-gutless-iPad it looks just like an iPad 2, if a tad thicker, complete with a physical home button.

Of course, the leaked parts could be nothing like Apple’s next generation iPad, so take this with the appropriate mountain of salt, but it certainly looks legit. According to MIC Gadget, Apple’s current Smart Cover fits fine, but tight-fitting skins and other third-party cases do not.

Whether or not MIC Gadget is on the money here, we won’t have long to wait to find out, just till 6pm Wednesday. In the meantime, check out MIC Gadget’s electropop-infused video of every leaked part it’s managed to get its hands on below. [MIC Gadget via MacRumors]