This Magnificent Lego BTTF DeLorean Deserves Its Own Scale Museum

By Andrew Liszewski on at

It's certainly not the first Lego DeLorean model we've featured, but Alex Jones' recently completed 1:15-scale interpretation blows its predecessors out of the water when it comes to detail and functionality.

The gull-wing doors open, the wheels fold-up for hover mode, and the tiny Mr. Fusion on the back is just plain adorable. If Lego was ever planning to license the Back to the Future property, its builders and model makers need to start taking notes here first.

The only reason Alex's creation might lose a few points in the Lego community is that he spray-painted it silver to match the real DeLorean's stainless steel finish. The spirit of Lego is all about working with what you got, even if the results are a hideous rainbow mish-mash. Image by Alex Jones/Flickr