This Recently Unearthed Homemade Video of the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Shows Just How Dangerous Space Travel Really Is

By Sam Gibbs on at

It’s easy to forget that people died forging mankind’s path into orbit, space, the Moon, and beyond. This recently rediscovered original Super 8 video, shot from less than 10 miles away from NASA’s doomed Challenger launch site in 1986, brings it home in haunting detail.

You can clearly see the rocket boosters flying around in the air, totally out of control, after the explosion that claimed the lives of all the brave astronauts aboard. Considering how old this video is, originally shot on film, boxed-up and forgotten about, it’s of surprisingly high quality, including the gasps of the excited then terrified crowd.

Thankfully these kinds of accidents and explosions are rare these days. Let’s just hope they get all the faults ironed out before they start sending commercial space flights up with your wealthy, yet average punters on-board. [Huffington Post]

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