This Slick Teaser Trailer Shows Archos Is Pulling "an Asus" as Well

By Sam Gibbs on at

Transforming tablets seem to be all the rage at the moment; even RIM’s kind-of getting involved. Now Archos wants a piece of that pie, and it might have something a bit special up its sleeve.

Apparently the French tablet manufacturer is going to spit out several new lines of tablets this year. There’ll be a cheapo-sub £130 Arnova line; an Elements sub-£170 line, and a G10 xs "performance" line that’ll set you back between £170 and £340.

The G10 xs is likely to be the most special, coming in at just 7.6mm thin and made with a “paper-thin steel” construction for rigidity. There’ll also be a keyboard dock for it to slot into just like Asus’ Transformer tablets, which are pretty cool-looking but I’m still not convinced are actually useful. Anyway, considering the new iPad rolls in at a chubby 9.39mm, and the Transformer Infinity is a thin 8.5mm, at 7.9mm this really will be svelte. It’ll also come packing Ice Cream Sandwich, as you might expect, complete with Google’s new Play Store.

Other specifics like launch date, specifications and an exact price are being kept under wraps for now, but this might be one-to-watch if Google’s Nexus tablet fails to materialise. Archos is renowned for decent-for-the-price budget tablets. We quite liked the 10.1 G9 when we got our hands on it, so we have high hopes for something that’s decent but won’t cost the Earth once it hits our streets. [Ubergizmo, Liliputing]