Tonight's Return of Mad Men on Sky Atlantic HD Will Only Show Ads From the '60s

By Kat Hannaford on at

If you've managed to tiptoe around all the spoilers that pushed their way out of the ground after the US saw the long-awaited return of Mad Men last night, you're probably giddy with excitement at Sky Atlantic HD's premiere of the fifth season tonight. And for the rest of us non-Sky customers, we're looking forward to "acquiring" it "via other means" at a later date. One thing we'll miss however is Sky Atlantic's showing of retro '60s ads -- is it ok to admit disappointment over missing a bunch of adverts?

Like the Newsweek magazine which ran a selection of retro and retro-inspired ads in this week's issue, Sky Atlantic selected a series of ye olde ads for the two hour-long return, and actually managed to convince the companies to pay for the spots -- despite the channel not relying on advertising for the bulk of its revenue, depending instead on subscription fees.

Providing additional context and colour for the show, which focuses on Madison Avenue advertising execs supping whiskey and repairing (or further destroying) their fragmented lives, ads for Fairy washing-up liquid (below), Cadbury's Milk Tray, Nestlé's Kit Kat, Tetley tea, Citroen and Birdseye will have their 50-year-old ads shown alongside actual American ads, from the likes of American Airlines and Pringles. Apparently there'll be 14 ads overall, with the first two ad breaks showing purely black and white commercials, and then the third will showcase some of those early-'60s colours.

I can only hope I can find a torrent that includes all of Sky Atlantic's ads alongside the first two eps of Mad Men...or perhaps a friend willing to host me for a few hours? I make a mean Old Fashioned. [Radio Times and The Telegraph]