TVShack Founder Gets to See the New Series of Mad Men Before Us, as He's Extradited to USA

By Gary Cutlack on at

The case of Richard O'Dwyer, the 23-year-old founder of file-sharing site TVShack, is about to be transferred to the US, with home secretary Theresa May confirming plans to extradite him over copyright breaches.

He could face a maximum jail term of five years, should be he found guilty, but there's still room for a High Court appeal against the home secretary's decision to sign the extradition forms and send him to the US.

O'Dwyer, who was a student at Sheffield Hallam University when his domain was seized, is said to have earned around £147,000 in advertising revenue from hosting pirated clips on the site, which US authorities say constitutes "substantive criminal activity."

His mother said: "Today, yet another British citizen is being sold down the river by the British government. Richard's life -- his studies, work opportunities, financial security --is being disrupted, for who knows how long, because the UK government has not introduced the much-needed changes to extradition law."

The domain still displays the US authorities' seizure notice for a few seconds, before forwarding to an anti-piracy YouTube clip. [Guardian]