US Job Hunters Asked For Unrestricted Access to Facebook, Twitter and More

By Gary Cutlack on at

A worrying new trend over in the US is seeing recruiters start to ask for full access to the social networks of potential applicants, with some organisations asking would-be staff to sign in and let bosses have a good poke around in their non-public posts and messages.

One such crazy instance of the practise has been implemented by the Department of Corrections in Maryland, where applicants are asked to login and page through their accounts while the interviewer watches. The process is optional, so they say, but obviously you'd feel rather under pressure to agree to the request when in a job interview.

Meanwhile, some US schools are also asking students to allow a compliance officer to access to their accounts, in an invasion of privacy that one lawyer says might be acceptable "if you live in a totalitarian regime."

If it was to happen here, would any of us ever work again? [MSNBC via Jezebel]