Valve Has Plenty of Boxes, But No Steam Box

By Gary Cutlack on at

Valve has commented on last week's rumours that it was building a "Steam Box" hardware format of its own. And it's not. Well, it sort of is, but it's not what it sounds like.

Valve's Doug Lombardi explained that the famous developer routinely builds "boxes" to test products and user interfaces on, which is a geek's way of saying it creates various PC set-ups to ensure its stuff runs well on as wide a range of hardware combinations as possible.

Lombardi says Valve's currently putting together machines to test the company's forthcoming Steam Big Picture Mode user interface that's been designed to run where PCs are used without traditional mouse/keyboard input systems, but that's "a long way from Valve shipping any sort of hardware."

Which doesn't mean it won't happen, or that a preferred list of tech specs isn't sitting on the desks of PC builders around the world awaiting the launch of some sort of Steam-approved PC units. It's just not likely to happen for a long time. And Valve would rather we didn't talk about it yet. [Kotaku]

Image credit: Kotaku