Vodafone Throws Its Toys Out of the Pram Over Ofcom's Approval of Everything Everywhere's 4G-in-2012 Plan

By Sam Gibbs on at

Well that didn’t take long; Vodafone’s out complaining about Ofcom’s approval of Everything Everywhere’s push to trade 3G for 4G on the 1800MHz spectrum, giving us Brits LTE before Christmas. It said it’s not in the best interests of the consumer, but it sounds a lot more like it’s not in the best interests of Vodafone rather than us.

Releasing a statement, Vodafone said:

“We share the regulator’s desire to see the next generation of mobile internet services rolled out quickly and placed within the reach of many more people in rural areas.”

“But we seriously doubt that consumers’ best interests will be served by giving one company a significant head start.”

I agree it might be pricey in the beginning, at least until other networks roll out their 4G services. But hell, the faster we get 4G LTE here in the UK the better. Of course the other networks like Vodafone are going to complain over EE’s leg-up; they have to defend their competitiveness for the sake of pure business. Just don’t let them derail it, okay Ofcom? [ThisIsMoney]

Image credit: Crying baby from Shutterstock