Want a Minecraft Server to Call Your Own? Take the Gizcraft Survey

By Sam Gibbs on at

We have a fantastic community here at Giz UK (yep, that includes you), and when we put our minds to it, we can do anything -- including setting up our own Minecraft server for a bit of Giz UK-crafting.

Our very own Glenbot3000 and EddyCJ have kindly offered to set up a Giz UK Minecraft server for you all to go building, crushing and surviving together (thanks guys!). But first they need you to answer a few simple questions like what's your preferred game mode; which plugins you'd like, and how many hours a day you'd like to play. If you're keen on playing a bit of Minecraft with your fellow Giz UKers, then jump on over to the Gizcraft survey and let 'em know what you're feeling.