Waste Five Minutes and Go Crafting Anywhere With the Awesome Minecraft Bookmarklet

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ever fancied digging up the Giz UK page with a pickaxe? Well now you can, thanks to the Minecraft bookmarklet, which turns any page into a basic Minecraft playground. You can dig though a page to the mantle; unleash “the creeper”, and generally cause havoc to any and all sites of your choosing.

The bookmarklet is brought to you by Sony Mobile who’s promoting the Xperia Play as the perfect Minecrafting device. Whether you reckon that’s true or not, you can grab the bookmarklet from the Sony Mobile US Facebook page and run amok. Just be sure to show us any of your fine creations down in the comments so we can marvel at your collective Minecrafting creativity. [Facebook via Slashgear]